We understand that business growth requires investment and access to capital. It is essential that companies that have the potential to grasp opportunities of scale and scope have access to capital. And, we can help…

About Us

The Abel Advisory Group is an independent business consulting firm located in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. We are a firm that specializes in advising business owners on various financing strategies and solutions. We work closely with your management and shareholders to develop strategies that will allow your company to gain access to the capital that you require to ensure that you can execute your strategic growth opportunities.

We WILL find you the money that you require for your business.

Consulting Services

Business start ups

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting adequate financing. That’s why our start-up financing strategies and solutions are designed to provide a complete package to help you achieve your goals.

Business growth

Many business owners are hesitant to fuel business growth. However, businesses may find that operations stagnate without additional capital injection. For debt and loan options, reach out to us today to explore your strategies and solutions.

Capital equipment

Raising funds to acquire the equipment you need to run your business can be time consuming and stressful. We will evaluate your situation, in detail, to provide you with the best options to suit your needs.

Purchase of a business

Buying a business is a great way to grow your client base, increase your productive capacity and build the value of your company. But do you have enough money to keep it working? Do you have enough working capital to fund its growth? Growing businesses can require expertise, and we are here to help.

Partner buy-outs

Whatever the circumstances may be, if you are looking to keep your business we understand everything you need to know to successfully buy out your business partner.

Debt strategy

Even though certain business models require taking on debt to capitalize on growth opportunities, looming debt can squeeze the enjoyment out of being an entrepreneur.

We cover strategies for optimizing your small business debt, so you can get back into the black and focus more on doing what you love.

Our Team

Barry Abel, Partner

Fellow, Institute of Canadian Bankers (FICB)

Barry Abel is the Managing Partner of Abel Advisory Group Inc, a firm that specializes in advising business owners on manners of financing options and opportunities. Barry works directly through his company, as well as in association with the Peacock Sheridan Group as an equity consultant.

He and his team do everything from assessing and optimizing client debt, to arranging financing for prosperous new business opportunities.

Barry’s professional career is very extensive. Prior to starting his own business, Barry held a number of senior leadership roles within CIBC’s Corporate and Commercial banking divisions, including working as Director and Team Leader for the BC Interior Commercial Banking team.

With a career spanning over four decades, Barry has gained considerable experience and expertise in the finance industry. His ability to develop strategies that maximize potential opportunities to create, protect and realize shareholder value is unmatched. Combining his years of professional experience, Barry has assisted many companies in reaching their goals by aiding in gaining access to capital, restructuring their debt and lowering their operational costs. Barry recognizes that businesses can become frustrated dealing with traditional lenders. From his experience as a Director at CIBC, he has gained valuable insight into how best to leverage your lenders. He also recognizes that many businesses would benefit from access to capital outside of traditional lenders.

Marc Gaucher, Partner

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Marc is a partner of Abel Advisory Group and provides business consulting services to Peacock Sheridan clients. Having worked in senior roles for many of the world’s leading management consulting companies such as KPMG and Ernst & Young, he has a deep understanding of complex business challenges and brings creative and strategic solutions to our clients.

Marc assists business owners to structure new companies and set up associated agreements to help grow their businesses and raise funds for new business opportunities. Marc is the Managing Partner of the Metro Group, owning and operating six liquor stores and a group of restaurants. In this role, Marc negotiated and arranged all financing and debt strategies for this growing company.

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